ver 4.2 won't allow save because it can't see 2.2T disk drive

Tom Samplonius tom at
Tue Jan 6 18:45:25 PST 2009

----- "SDH Admin" <admin at> wrote:

> >I need to patch this until I can update the system, any pointers to
> >where (if there is one) to get the patch for this, and installation
> >instructions.
> What is the 2.2T disk formatted as? Can you give more details on your
> hardware (storage device and the 4.2 server), as well as posting your
> dmesg
> output.

  In this case, it is pretty clear the the 2.2TB disk is mounted on NFS.  And the OP said it was a StorageVault, so that means it is a WAFL filesystem, which is meaningless here.

  Is it really FreeBSD 4.2?  

  Anyways, it doesn't really matter what "df" reports.  If df is folding some of the 64bit values in negative numbers, it is no issue really.  But if the StorageVault is returning errors when files are created or written to, then that is probably a configuration issue.  

  NFS is a client-server filesystem.  So "df" on NFS just queries the StorageVault for the info, and displays it.  The NFS client doesn't shutdown, because the filesystem appear to be full, or have negative capacity.  


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