buildworld broken

Bruce Simpson bms at
Mon Feb 23 04:03:35 PST 2009

Already dealt with, I was merging a change by hand whilst hungover after 
a good party. ;^)
Sorry for the churn.

A lot of this stuff gets utterly demolished and rebuilt in the IGMPv3 snap.

I don't plan to backport the multicast work ongoing in p4 to 7-STABLE 
without testers, and air-out in 8-CURRENT first.

One of the reasons it's taken so long is because there has been a *lot* 
of network stack re-engineering in 8-CURRENT (VIMAGE, arpv2, multi-fib, 

ASM state changes are believed working, but that is dog simple...
Right now my aim is to get SSM working in the p4 branch fully. The 
IGMPv3 bottom half code is all done with the VIMAGE hooks, it's just a 
case of making the SSM state change stuff behave right.


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