Problem with new Intel DX board and i7 Processor on reboot [SB QUAR: Wed Feb 18 16:30:48 2009] attempt (locks)

Karl Denninger karl at
Thu Feb 19 05:48:39 PST 2009

Mike Tancsa wrote:
> At 01:08 PM 2/18/2009, Karl Denninger wrote:
>> Running 7-STABLE, compiled last night.
>> When attempting to reboot the system freezes at "stopping other CPUs" 
>> and has to be hard-reset with either the power button or the RESET 
>> switch.  The problem is easily reproduced - typing "reboot" produces 
>> it :-)
>> I'm wondering if that ACPI warning in the boot sequence is involved 
>> in this, and if so, if there is a recommended workaround?
>> Here's the "dmesg" from the subject system:
> Hi,
>         I have the same chipset, but dont see the reboot problem on 
> RELENG_7 from Jan 7th. (via "shutdown -r now")  Have you checked for 
> BIOS updates ?
>         ---Mike
It appears there IS a bios update, and it may have resolved this.

BTW this board is smoking fast and runs well with 7.1/amd64.  I'm liking 
it - a lot - paired with a 3ware disk I/O board.

Karl Denninger
karl at

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