Unhappy Xorg upgrade

Bruce M. Simpson bms at FreeBSD.org
Tue Feb 10 09:57:46 PST 2009

Robert Noland wrote:
> ...
> Ok, lets try another test...  There is a scanpci util in the
> libpciaccess port.  We don't install it, but it does get built.  Build
> the port and run scanpci -v as root from the console.  That should poke
> all the pci devices on the box and tell you about them.  See if that is
> able to trigger the issue.

Well spotted. I saw this tool in "locate" output and was going to try it 
the other day, although I saw it didn't get installed, so assumed it was 

Yes, This immediately triggered the issue without even running X on a 
fresh boot.

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