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Bruce Burden brucegb at
Wed Dec 23 02:51:49 UTC 2009

On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 08:34:09PM -0500, Peter Fraser wrote:
> instructions in the handbook to create some jails. It makes part of
> the filesystem readonly which is good. Problem is though that I tried
> installing syslog-ng in one of the jails and when I tried to start it,
> I got this error
> > Error binding socket; addr='AF_UNIX(/var/run/log)', error='Permission
> > denied (13)'
	error 13 is EACCES, "The requested address is protected, 
           and the currect user has inadequate permission to 
           access it."

	Since you have created a read-only file system, I'd say the
    socket is attempting to bind to a read-write (full-duplex) socket,
    given the "log" in the name.

	Just creating the socket is unlikely to be blocked by your
    read-only file system, since it doesn't consume an i-node until
    it is bound to a name, or more specifically, the system doesn't
    know what permissions apply until it is bound.

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