RELENG_7: gdm after portupgrade does not allow logins

Matthias Andree ma at
Thu Dec 17 18:07:08 UTC 2009

Am 17.12.2009, 02:09 Uhr, schrieb Dmitry Morozovsky <marck at>:

> Dear colleagues,
> after portupgrade'ing on last gnome update I have very strange situation:
> gdm does not show neither login list not username text field; after  
> pressing
> space, some unlabelled text field opens (symbols are echoed, so I  
> suppose it's
> like login name field); however, entering anything there does not lead
> anywhere.
> portupgrade -f gdm does not help; portupgrade -f ${direct gdm   
> dependencies}
> does not help, either.
> And, of course, I even rebooted the machine without a bit of success.
> Any hints? Thanks in advance!

Make sure that /proc is mounted, see the GNOME FAQ for details on how to  
set /etc/fstab to make that happen automatically on boot.

Matthias Andree

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