Stability problems with 7-stable (after 7.1 -> 7.2 -> 7-stable)

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Tue Dec 15 14:52:05 UTC 2009


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I have a system which was at 7.1-pX. After the update to 7.2-p5 it  
started to exhibit deadlocks after some minutes of uptime.

With 7.1 (generic kernel) it was running fine, with 7.2 generic the  
problems started directly.

The system is now at 7-stable with a custom kernel  
(, basically generic without  
unneeded drivers plus witness/invariants/sw-watchdog.

The system is an AMD Dual Core with NVidia MCP61 chipset  
(, 2 GB RAM, 2 harddisks  
and FreeBSD 32bit install.

On the system are 3 jails (one postfix+mysql+apache, one  
mysql+apache+some-perl-service, one apache+mysql+xmpp-server). All of  
them have a 7-stable world.

The 2 disks where configured with 3 partition pairs for root-mirror,  
swap-mirror, and jail-mirror.

I tested with and without SMP, both schedulers, with  
WITNESS/INVARIANTS, and by removing one part of each mirror (to rule  
out that the disks are not in sync). In all cases the system was not  
stable and deadlocked after several minutes (even with only the  
mail-jail up and running). First no interaction via ssh is possible  
anymore, then even ping does not work anymore. After configuring the  
watchdog, I got at least the system back online automatically... :(

After reading I  
decided to switch the FS for the jails to ZFS (currently only on one  
harddisk, the other partition for it is still with UFS, but not  
mounted at all) as a test.

Now with a little bit of kernel tuning for ZFS  
( I was able to  
keep the system up for about 3h with all jails activated (I started  
one jail after another, with waiting 1h between starting each jail).  
After that no access via ssh, no ping, but also no reboot from the  
sw-watchdog, I had to do a remote power-off/-on. After that I didn't  
had any crashdump (in the watchdog cases I had dumps, but since I  
recompiled the kernel since then, I can not provide useful output).

The current gmirror status output is at

The system has no serial console. I have no physical access.

For such a small setup I would expect that 7.2-GENERIC is more than  
enough. At least 7.1-GENERIC was running without any problem.

Does this problem sound familiar to someone, any ideas what to try,  
anyone with patches I could test?


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