Dell D830, nVidia and FreeBSD-8/amd64

Jonathan Chen jonc at
Sun Dec 13 19:19:09 UTC 2009


This is a general rehash of a problem that I've been having with my
Dell Latitude D830 with an nVidia Quadro NVS 140M internal graphics
card. I've been using the XOrg's "vesa" driver ever since something in the
code rendered the "nvidia" driver inoperable in 7-STABLE sometime mid
last year. With nVidia's new 195.22 (BETA) drivers, I had hoped that I
could bypass the problem. Unfortunately, I seem to be experiencing the same
problem as described in the following thread:

which appears to be implying that something in the kernel is
interfering with memory allocation. Would it be possible for someone
with deeper kernel-fu be able to take a look at this issue?

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