RELENG_8 buildworld broken?

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Wed Dec 9 19:32:41 UTC 2009

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> Pieter de Goeje wrote:
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> > The problem only occurs when doing a parallel make world (make -j8 
> > buildworld). In the past I have always successfully built world using -j4. I 
> > guess the recent upgrade of this machine from dual core to quad core just 
> > made the problem visible.
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> > - Pieter
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> actually that's not the only problem with buildworld in 8.0.
> -march isn't added to CFLAGS using CPUTYPE in make.conf, you should add it manually to CFLAGS.
> on another thread was said that make delete-old is also broken (and i suspect also delete-old-libs), so options in src.conf are pretty useless.
> all the problems seems to be triggered by Makefile.incl

In what way is delete-old broken?

I agree that src.conf often does not work. Just try to build a system
with 'WITHOUT_OPENSSH='. PR with patch to Makefile.inc1 submitted by
b.f. three or four months ago. So far, no response.

I have seen the really bad suggestion that somehow files not built due
to src.conf entries be added to the list of old files to be

The single most important use I have for /etc/src.conf is to avoid
system upgrades over-writing the files for ssh and BIND when the ports
are installed to overwrite those in the base system. I certainly don't
want a delete-old to try to delete the files installed from ports.

And, yes, this is a fairly common practice, especially for BIND. There
is good reason that the OVERWRITE_BASE option is offered when you
install BIND from ports.
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