atheros problem

Paul B Mahol onemda at
Tue Dec 8 09:14:14 UTC 2009

On 12/8/09, Pete Carah <pete at> wrote:
> With a recent build of 8-stable (last week and again yesterday) the ath
> 9280 driver doesn't work; wpa_supplicant says "scanning" forever, and if
> one observes ifconfig it is scanning some of the 11a frequencies and no
> 11g ones.  It also doesn't pick up a legit 11a AP at home, nor does it see
> *any* AP at work (there are about 12 visible from where I sit).  The
> card works in both fedora and windoze (though fedora has a very
> annoying 7 second pause every minute or so (irregular intervals).
> I can stop wpa_supplicant and manually up it and give ifconfig scan;
> this hangs forever and also only appears to be listing 11a freqs when you
> look with ifconfig from another window.
> It had worked before...  The only change that shows up in the ath driver
> is "Add WorldB SKU" to ah_regdomain.c on the 25th.  My previous
> build was somewhere around the 17th so that must have broken it.  A
> cursory svn diff doesn't look bad to me but I only looked at the syntax.
> And none of the net80211 files have changed since the 7th in my source tree.
> A second problem that also crept up in the most recent update
Please separate problems (do not post about separate issues in same message).
> (yesterday) one of 3 instances of acpi_ec0 causes a panic.  If I specify
> boot_verbose="YES" the panic goes away!!  Since this is a laptop with no
> serial port (any modern laptop :-(  I can't capture the panic
> directly, only copy it with a camera  (aren't digital cameras
> wonderful).  Looking at the last message printed in verbose, I'm guessing an
> access to a freed area; why verbose "fix"es it I don't know (maybe
> printing reallocates?)
> This laptop has always given a string of error messages regarding its
> ec0. (Acer 4730; dual-core 2gig intel cpu, intel chipset, running as amd64)
> (I run 32-bit windoze but 64 bsd and linux.)

# ifconfig wlan0 list scan

and there is wlandebug(8) and athdebug (in tools if you have source)

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