vge problem (Re: 8.0R TCP connection stall with large Send-Q)

Pyun YongHyeon pyunyh at
Thu Dec 3 23:09:23 UTC 2009

On Thu, Dec 03, 2009 at 10:14:57PM +0900, Yoshiaki Kasahara wrote:
> On Thu, 03 Dec 2009 13:50:29 +0900 (JST),
> 	Yoshiaki Kasahara <kasahara at> said:
> > I copied some HTML pages with many thumbnails to other PC running
> > 8.0-RC2 (i386), but I couldn't reproduce the problem. The former PC
> > uses vge and latter uses rl, so it might be a NIC driver issue?? I'll
> > try to replace NIC cards when I have time....
> I remembered that there was an onboard NIC (msk0), so I enabled it and
> moved one IP address to the msk0. Then, the problem was disappeared
> for that IP address.

Hmm, this clearly indicates vge(4) issue.

> So, I believe that vge driver of 8.0R is somewhat broken.
> Is there anyone who can fix the problem? I'm willing to test patches
> on my PC if available.

I remember there were several instability reports of vge(4). Would
you try the following patch? The patch was generated against
CURRENT so it may not cleanly apply to 8.0 due to if_timer changes.
But I think you can download latest vge(4) code in CURRENT and
apply the patch. Note, the patch was not tested at all on real
hardware so it even may not work at all.(Long time ago, I ordered
the vge(4) hardware was not delivered.)

> Anyway I'm considering to purchase two more NIC cards, because I need
> a quick fix...
> Regards,
> -- 
> Yoshiaki Kasahara
> Research Institute for Information Technology, Kyushu University
> kasahara at

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