livelocks and deadlocks on 8.0BETA2

Eugene Grosbein eugen at
Sat Aug 22 08:56:24 UTC 2009

Kevin Oberman wrote:

> Then it got worse. The second time this happened, I inserted an erased
> DVD while the system was in POST. The system started to boot, but,
> shortly after probing acd0, while the boot was "waiting for: usbus7
> usbus6 usbus5 usbus4 usbus3 usbus2 usbus1 usbus0", and about the time it
> should have probed for cd0 (atapicam), the system locked up and would not
> finish the boot. This is prior to mounting root.
> After several repeats of this, I ejected the disk from the drive and it
> booted just fine. Clearly something with ATAPI is not happy. Should I
> not be using atapicam with 8.0?

This one is old one. I get it sometimes since 7.0
(perhaps, 6.x affected too) on my desktop and it sometimes repeats
with 8.0-BETA2 too (GENERIC kernel). It's some kind of race condition
because it does not always hang, but often enough to be annoying.

There should be a media in drive to make it happen, blank or written.

Eugene Grosbein

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