ext2 inode size patch - RE: PR kern/124621

Josh Carroll josh.carroll at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 07:05:06 PST 2008

> I do not suggest testing. I suggest understand what inode metadata is stored
> in the added 128 bytes and evaluate whether this information can be ignored
> without dangerous consequences for filesystem consistency or user data.

Well, to be clear I didn't just double the size of the inode table. It
is dynamically
determined based on the data structure. I'm not a file system expert (to call me
a novice would probably be stretching it), so I'm hoping someone more versed
can chime in.

All the code does is query the data structure (specifically, the s_inode_size
field of the structure) and use that value instead of blindly assuming an inode
size of 128. I don't think it's a matter of what is done with the
extra bits, since
it's just querying the size of an already created filesystem.


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