RELENG_7 build failure in rescue/ (iconv?)

Doug Barton dougb at
Wed Nov 12 14:43:02 PST 2008

I'm getting the following with clean, up to date sources (with the
BIND 9.4.2-P2 update, but that doesn't touch this area):

cc -static -o rescue rescue.o cat.lo chflags.lo chio.lo chmod.lo cp.lo
date.lo dd.lo df.lo echo.lo ed.lo expr.lo getfacl.lo hostname.lo
kenv.lo kill.lo ln.lo ls.lo mkdir.lo mv.lo pax.lo ps.lo pwd.lo
realpath.lo rm.lo rmdir.lo setfacl.lo sh.lo stty.lo sync.lo test.lo
rcp.lo csh.lo atacontrol.lo badsect.lo bsdlabel.lo camcontrol.lo
ccdconfig.lo clri.lo devfs.lo dmesg.lo dump.lo dumpfs.lo dumpon.lo
fsck.lo fsck_ffs.lo fsck_msdosfs.lo fsdb.lo fsirand.lo gbde.lo
ifconfig.lo init.lo kldconfig.lo kldload.lo kldstat.lo kldunload.lo
ldconfig.lo md5.lo mdconfig.lo mdmfs.lo mknod.lo mount.lo
mount_cd9660.lo mount_msdosfs.lo mount_nfs.lo mount_ntfs.lo
mount_nullfs.lo mount_udf.lo mount_unionfs.lo newfs.lo newfs_msdos.lo
nos-tun.lo ping.lo reboot.lo restore.lo rcorder.lo route.lo routed.lo
rtquery.lo rtsol.lo savecore.lo slattach.lo spppcontrol.lo
startslip.lo swapon.lo sysctl.lo tunefs.lo umount.lo atmconfig.lo
ping6.lo ipf.lo sconfig.lo fdisk.lo dhclient.lo gzip.lo bzip2.lo
tar.lo vi.lo id.lo chroot.lo
/dumpster/home/dougb/src/rescue/rescue/../librescue/system.o -lcrypt
-ledit -lkvm -ll -lm -ltermcap -lutil -lcrypto -lalias -lcam -lcurses
-ldevstat -lipsec -lipx -lgeom -lbsdxml -lkiconv -lmd -lreadline
-lsbuf -lufs -lz -lbz2 -larchive
csh.lo(.text+0xd4c9): In function `nlsclose':
: undefined reference to `dl_iconv_close'
csh.lo(.text+0xd626): In function `nlsinit':
: undefined reference to `dl_iconv_open'
csh.lo(.text+0xd716): In function `iconv_catgets':
: undefined reference to `dl_iconv'
*** Error code 1

Stop in /dumpster/home/dougb/src/rescue/rescue.
*** Error code 1


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