Question about file system checks

Marian Hettwer mh at
Thu Mar 27 06:54:34 PDT 2008

On Thu, 27 Mar 2008 13:39:55 +0000, Matthew Seaman
<m.seaman at> wrote:
> Hash: RIPEMD160
> Jared Carlson wrote:
>> Hi I have a question about startup scripts for BSD distributions.
>> Can you turn off the file system check that occurs every 30 boots,
>> etc?  I recall this being the case on a BSD platform, although my Mac
>> OS X doesn't (to my knowledge) do a file system check that often at
>> all.
> You are thinking of the Linux ext2/ext3 filesystem.
Although this is OT, does anybody have a clue why ext2/ext3 filesystems
behave like that?
I wouldn't like to trust a filesystem which thinks a fsck is worth it,
although it always was a clean shutdown.
Any clue?! :)

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