compile error while building kernel

walt w41ter at
Wed Mar 26 17:30:57 PDT 2008

Rance Hall wrote:
 > ...
> im running an amd athlon64 processor but the i386 code.
> my march is athlon-mp  (the system translates my athlon64
> automatically to this in i386 mode)...

I've been too cheap to buy a 64-bit machine, so obviously I'm
making a blind guess here :o) but the words above make me uneasy.

If you're running 32-bit code, then your make.conf should not be
using 'athlon64' at all and thus it should not need translation,
right?  (I'm truly asking, not lecturing.)

Anyway, if your make.conf defines CPUTYPE or MACHINE_ARCH as
athlon64 just try changing it to K8 or athlon-mp or athlon and
see if anything changes.

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