lpbb broken in 6.x?

Doug Ambrisko ambrisko at ambrisko.com
Tue Mar 25 08:34:17 PDT 2008

Bruce M Simpson writes:
| Ian Smith wrote:
| > To finish off completely hijacking your thread :) does anyone know of
| > anything that can run a master/slave interface like pcf(4) which appears
| > to have been an ISA bus only device?  I don't have C skills to write
| > one, though 400kHz master and slave routines in AVR asm were fun :)
| >
| > Later: after nearly losing this in a pine crash (don't ask), I've since
| > seen John's reply to your later message.  Could it be that smbus or
| > something is also using iicbus rather than something messing with ppbus? 
| Thanks for the hints. I don't have smbus in the kernel, nor do I have 
| any other i2c device drivers loaded in the system.
| I stopped using smbus when it became pretty clear that it wasn't doing 
| anything useful for me (it could never see CPU fan readouts or anything 
| like that when I tried it on 3 different PIII era systems).

FWIW, this really isn't a fault of smbus.  Some monitoring chips only 
have I/O type interface, other only have i2c some have both.  Then it
depends on what the manufacturer connects and then if they enable
the i2c controller on the motherboard.  I've used smbus on a 
bunch of HW and not on other.  It depends on what they do and how
they set up addressing.  At a prior company I set up an LCD display
module to interface to the MB i2c bus.  I prototyped it by soldering
wires onto a DIMM.  Some MB's have an i2c header on board and others
have it routed to PCI slots.

Doug A.

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