FreeBSD 7 buildworld error

Joshua Coombs jcoombs at
Mon Mar 10 15:30:38 UTC 2008

As a follow up:

I setup a fresh 7.0 install in a VM and played with it.  Using my 
make.conf, I showed cc1 using 130MB when compiling insn-attrtab.c.  I 
tweaked the VM conf down to 32MB of RAM and redid the compile, and other 
than taking forever due to swapping, it again churned past 
insn-attrtab.c using 130MB successfully.

My next test is going to be simulating the swap setup I've got on my 
386.  Rather than one 384MB swap partition, I have three 128MB swap 
partitions, one per drive.  My theory was I'd see some small boost when 
swapping by spreading the work load.  Turns out it doesn't help, I 
bottleneck on the ISA bus, transferring 1.5MB/sec max no matter how I 
spread the work across the drives.  When I re-partition I'll just pick 
one drive to hold all swap.

That said, given how I butted up against a limit suspiciously close to 
the size of my swap partitions, rather than the 512MB data size limit 
reports, thats my next guess as to the cause, swap isn't allowing single 
processes to page into multiple swap pools?

Josh C

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