RELENG_7_0 buildworld failure on read only source tree

Tom Judge tom at
Sun Mar 9 21:19:04 UTC 2008

Xin LI wrote:
> Tom Judge wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We have been building RELENG_6_x source trees from read only NFS file 
>> systems for well over a year now with out any problems.  However I 
>> have just tried to do "make buildworld" on a RELENG_7_0 source tree 
>> from yesterday and it failed to build with the following error:
> [error snipped]
>> Should it be possible to build RELENG_7_0 with a read only source tree?
> This can be worked around, I think touching the Makefile would do the 
> trick.  IIRC David (cc'ed) has fixed the Makefile at some point this 
> January while he is updating the base cvs(1) for this exact issue, maybe 
> we should MFC the changeset to RELENG_7?
> Cheers,

Thanks for the response,  it was indeed just a case of touching 
/usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/cvs/contrib/Makefile.  Do you have the information 
about the relevent change sets that fix this?  Then I can merge this fix 
to my local tree.



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