Sysctl knob(s) to set TCP 'nagle' time-out?

Jerahmy Pocott quakenet1 at
Mon Jun 23 07:25:57 UTC 2008


I'm wondering if anything exists to set this.. When you create an INET  
without the 'TCP_NODELAY' flag the network layer does 'naggling' on your
transmitted data. Sometimes with hosts that use Delayed_ACK  
delayed_ack) it creates a dead-lock where the host will not ACK until  
it gets
another packet and the client will not send another packet until it  
gets an ACK..

The dead-lock gets broken by a time-out, which I think is around 200ms?

But I would like to change that time-out if possible to something  
lower, yet
I can't really see any sysctl knobs that have a name that suggests  
they do

So does anyone know IF this can be tuned and if so by what?


(And yes you could solve it by setting the TCP_NODELAY flag on the  
but not everything has programmed in options to set it and you don't  
have access to the source, besides setting a sysctl value would be much
simpler than recompiling stuff)

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