Panic in vfs(?) near login initialization

Martin nakal at
Fri Jun 20 20:22:05 UTC 2008


I've submitted a PR about this panic here:

I'm sorry, if I remind you of this problem. I would not do this
usually. This is very annoying to see this panic again and again and I
am somehow surprised that noone has seen it yet.

I've seen this panic 5 times now. It happens during boot, approximately
when the gettys are being started.

Since no one even asks me about it, I wonder if it is generally better
to paste my PRs to this mailing list (I have more problems and even
panics that occur on my PCs, but this one is really nasty.)

I cannot tell for sure, but I think this is also the panic that occurred
on one of my i386 machines right after FreeBSD 7.0 RELEASE installation
with GENERIC kernel. I've lost the trace output and cannot remember for
sure, but it was exactly under the same circumstances as the panic
described here.

Tell me, if I can do something except waiting to help fix it quickly.

Thank you,

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