OT: FreeBSD in impressive applications?

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Tue Jun 17 16:45:07 UTC 2008


I was contacted by a local (actually "national" but it's a small 
nation...) IT magazine to write something on FreeBSD. The cause was that 
some editor heard something about FreeBSD being used on some Formula 1 
cars or equipment, or possibly something not completely unrelated to the 
F1, so they thought it would be interesting to write about. The trouble 
is: I have no idea where to start looking for information on this. Any 

Also, I heard that it's been used or is used by various companies and 
institutions in addition to the "usual suspects" like NetApp, Nokia and 
the like. FBI and some banks come to mind. Any information on that? Use 
in robotics, aeronautics, etc. would also be good to start with.

Contacting me privately by e-mail is ok; asking me not to say where the 
information came from is also ok :)

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