ZFS version 8 on stable?

Claus Guttesen kometen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 09:56:21 UTC 2008

>> So either I want to downgrade the zpool, or upgrade zfs on FreeBSD.
>> Does anyone know if I'll be able to import zfs v8, or am I wasting my
>> time? I'd prefer to follow -stable, but if I must follow -current,
>> then golly goshkins, I'll have no choice!
> I don't know what the current migration status is of ZFS on FreeBSD to a
> newer version.  I don't think -CURRENT/HEAD has a newer ZFS either, so I
> think you're out of luck with regards to an "easy" migration.
> If I was in your shoes, I would not downgrade the pool -- I would simply
> stop using ZFS and use a filesystem that is fully compatible between OS
> X and FreeBSD.  *cue someone chiming in with the usual "ZFS is
> experimental on FreeBSD, blah blah blah" rhetoric*  :-)

I tried to create a zfs-pool on Solaris and was unable to import it to
FreeBSD. So there are still some issues in relation to
OS-platform-migrations. But other than that is this not a somewhat
pessimistic approach not to try things out? :-)

Many years ago (os x 10.0 or 10.1 I think) I tried to create an
UFS-volume on os x but this was not recognized by FreeBSD (ver. 4.x).
What other fs-type will work between os x and FreeBSD? FAT comes to my


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