6.2; 6.3; EOL; combustible discussions

Adrian Chadd adrian at freebsd.org
Sun Jun 8 02:17:20 UTC 2008

Ok everyone, I think thats enough about this for now.

I think the developers and users have made their points clear, and
they're no going to agree any more (but they may agree less) over

For now, I think we should wait for the following:

* Some users standing up, stating "yes, 6.2 lifetime means a lot to
us, we'll happily contribute back security fixes and/or bug fixes for
our hardware so we can continue using it!", and then doing so.
* Some users (Jo, in particular) providing hardware which 6.2 runs on
but 6.3 may or may not, and allowing interested developers to jump on
and test/debug, so this whole discussion can be ejected out the
nearest airlock.
* Users figuring out they can contribute back to the community. It
isn't hard, honest. How do you think some of us learnt how stuff
works? :)

Anything else, really, is just going to continue upsetting people.
Yes, users want stability in their specific environments. Yes,
developers are mere mortals, and users should be happy that there's
even a project here they can get access to without some kind of
warez-like upload/download ratio. further discussion is just going to
upset people even further. :)


Adrian Chadd - adrian at freebsd.org

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