challenge: end of life for 6.2 is premature with buggy 6.3

Jo Rhett jrhett at
Sat Jun 7 22:15:58 UTC 2008

On Jun 7, 2008, at 1:52 PM, Doug Barton wrote:
>> I'd said nearly a dozen times that the issues I have aren't  
>> specifics.  I am questioning the overall policy for EoL here.
> Your concerns have been noted. You seem unwilling or unable to  
> accept the explanation that no matter what you think about the  
> situation, we don't have the resources to support 6.2.

I haven't been given an explanation.   I was given that bare  
statement.  An explanation might help me understand where I can help  
improve the situation.

> Furthermore, according to the vast number of people with way more  
> experience and way more hardware running 6.3 than you have (jhb from  
> Yahoo! alone qualifies in this category, but he wasn't alone) your  
> concerns are in fact, misplaced.

The people that I know of working around problems in 6.3 all work at  
Yahoo, so ...

> To drive this thread even further into the realm of uselessness, you  
> seem to be dead set on replying to every single post, saying  
> basically the same thing over and over, and not listening to  
> anything anyone is telling you.

So far I have been (a) insulted (b) told to "take it or leave it" or  
(c) demanded to provide specific PRs.

Nobody has responded to the question.

> So I would like to suggest that you simply stop. Enjoy your trip.  
> When you come back if you have specific concerns about your  
> EXPERIENCE running 6.3 (or later) on your specific hardware, fire  
> away.

I suspect you are right, it's time to stop dealing with FreeBSD.  The  
product is quality, but the abuse one has to sustain to ask a question  
on the mailing list isn't worth it.

Jo Rhett
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