Panic on ZFS startup after crash

Daniel Eriksson daniel_k_eriksson at
Sat Jul 19 10:51:06 UTC 2008

Alex Trull wrote:

> I've tried neither of these in your particular case, but they might be
> worth a try:
> Just a suggestion, but try specify vfs.zfs.zil_disable=1 or 
> as a kernel
> variable in the boot cli.
> You may want to try export and import the pool and see how it likes it
> then.

I considered disabling the zil but didn't think it would make a
difference (because zfs will most likely check if there is any data in
zil on startup anyway). I'll try it though!

Importing the pool results in the exact same problem. (I couldn't export
the live pool because the box paniced, but by making sure the vdev was
unavailable on zfs startup I could export the stale pool, enable the
vdev (by doing a "geli attach") and then I tried to import the pool. No
luck, same panic message.

Daniel Eriksson (

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