Announcement: PmcTools callchain capture for RELENG_7

Stefan Lambrev stefan.lambrev at
Mon Jul 14 11:57:48 UTC 2008


Does it mean that hwpmc from now will work "out of the box" with new 
Intel core2 duo/quad processors (like T7500) ?

Joseph Koshy wrote:
> Hello List(s),
> I am very pleased to announce a patch, by Fabien Thomas, that brings
> PmcTools' callchain capture features to 7-STABLE.  Thank you, Fabien!
> The patch is linked to from the PmcTools wiki page:
> The current file name is: "patch-callchain-FreeBSD-7-STABLE-2008-07-12.gz".
> As the file name indicates, it should apply against a 7-STABLE tree of
> 2008-07-12
> vintage.
> To apply the patch:
> % cd /home/src-7x   # or whereever your RELENG_7 tree resides
> % patch < PATCH-FILE
> Then you should follow the full procedure to update userland
> and kernel from source as spelled out in src/UPDATING.
> Please note that HWPMC(4) log files that contain callchain information are
> not binary compatible with prior versions of pmc(3) and pmcstat(8).
> Please do test on your systems and let  Fabien and me know
> how you fared.
> Koshy
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