Dual Core Xeon / i386 install w/ more than 4gb of RAM

Pete French petefrench at ticketswitch.com
Wed Feb 20 12:09:19 UTC 2008

> Does anyone have any alternative solutions that would provide a more
> reliable environment other than PAE?

I was faced with a similar problem last autmumn - we had been running 6.2
on a set of servers with 4 gig or RAM, but purchased new servers with
16 gig in them. I experimented with various things - PAE being my
initial try, and ended up opting for 7.0 (prerelease) usin amd64. It
worked like a charm.

Note that I only shifted the OS to amd64 - I still ran my application code
as the existing 6.2/i386 binaries. Didn't want to make a drastic shift
in the application at the same time. It all ran fine - but our application
is staticly linked, so that did make things simpler.

Since then I;ve migrated almost everything we have over to amd64 and 7.0
and we are very happy with it - the only machines that havent been moved are
those which cannot run in 64 bit mode (two desktops and two older servers).

So, I would recommend going with amd64 if you can.


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