Analysis of disk file block with ZFS checksum error

Joe Peterson joe at
Sat Feb 9 00:15:46 UTC 2008

Chris Dillon wrote:
> That is a chunk of a Mozilla Mork-format database.  Perhaps the  
> Firefox URL history or address book from Thunderbird.

Interesting (thanks to all who recognized Mork).  I do use Firefox and
Thunderbird, so it's feasible, but how the heck would a piece of one of
those files find its way into 1/2 of a ZFS block in one of my mp3 files?
   I wonder if it could have been done on write when the file was copied
to the ZFS pool (maybe some write-caching issue?), but I thought ZFS
would have verified the block after write.  It seems unlikely that it
would get changed later - I never rewrote that file after the original


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