finstall alpha3

martinko gamato at
Thu Feb 7 22:19:10 UTC 2008

Ivan Voras wrote:
> Hi,
> As some of you may already know, I'm working on a graphical installer
> for FreeBSD 7, which was started as a Google SoC 2007 project but still
> continues. Usually I'd announce a new build on but
> it's currently down and anyway maybe it's time for a wider exposure.
> The latest build can be found at
> with
> MD5 fingerprint of 4a11b172ed1c3030f530028a56f88ece. This is a i386
> build as I don't have an amd64 development machine.
> Caveat! This is to be considered alpha-quality software. In particular,
> it still can't do any of the following things:
> - install on an already partitioned drive (so it's practically only
> usable for experimentation in VMWare and similar tools)
> - configure any of the more advanced features like RAID, X11 and sound
> - configure system locale & similar features
> On the other hand, here's what it *can* do currently:
> - it's a "live" CD environment, completely like an already installed
> FreeBSD system, only running from a read-only media (e.g. it's usable as
> a "FixIt" system)
> - it installs both the base system (7.0-RC1) and a pre-selected set of
> packages which includes X.Org 7.3, XFce desktop 4.4, Firefox and Thunderbird
> - supports UFS, UFS+gjournal, ZFS and Ext2 (only UFS has been well tested).
> - configure simple services like ssh, ntpdate, bsdstats
> For those who tried earlier versions, the major changes are:
> - several subtle bugs are fixed
> - implemented ZFS support with proper tuning in loader.conf
> - added bsdstats package in the default set
> I'd like to hear impressions and suggestions of potential users. Some of
> the obvious features (like install on a already partitioned drive) will
> be done in time for, or slightly after, 7.0 gets released (a rudimentary
> support for remote installs will also be present), some features (RAID)
> will almost certainly get done later. Anything other will require time
> and probably sponsorship.
> I'm also interested in possible contributions to the project. In
> particular, it needs many UI strings to be filled in (many of the text
> labels and help texts are only placeholders). Interested people should
> know how to use Subversion. The project is hosted on SourceForge at
> - Perforce was avoided to allow
> access to people without FreeBSD developer accounts.
> I'd like to thank Google for the SoC project funding, Murray Stokely who
> was the mentor during the SoC and many other people who have helped.

BTW is bsdstats still running/working ?
The site has been partially broken for months.

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