Did something change with DHCP?

Christian Baer christian.baer at uni-dortmund.de
Tue Feb 5 19:58:31 UTC 2008

Greetings, people!

I had a strange effect today when I updated to the latest -STABLE (sources
from about 17:00 UTC yesterday, not sure about the time though). After
rebooting for the last time (installworld and mergemaster went before
that), the machine had a new IP. The old one was the new one
had a 76 instead of the 9.

I have dnsmasq running on another computer as a DHCP-server. I used static
DHCP, which means the ether address of each computer is in the
configuration file of dnsmasq and should give each machine the same
IP-address each time. That works fine for alle my machines exept this one
where I have just updates. The 76 is part of the dynamic range I put in
there in case I ever connect a computer from a friend or a laptop or
anything else that isn't always in my network.

If I try to get a new IP-address with dhclient fxp0, I always get 76.
dnsmasq puts this into /var/log/messages (twice):

  Feb  5 16:09:43 nermal dnsmasq[138]: not giving name
  jon.rz1.convenimus.net to the DHCP lease of because the
  name exists in /etc/hosts with address

I also get this message if any other computer requests an IP-address. Mind
you, exactly this message, not a message regarding the other computer.

I did notice some changes in the defaults of rc.config. After looking at
the file more closely, I still can't find anything that would be of
relevance. This is a piece of /etc/defaults/rc.conf:


I did not comment out those two lines, that was done by mergemaster. And I
don't see anything in those settings that would suggest this happenning.

There is nothing concerning the dhclient in rc.conf and /etc/dhclient.conf
contains not entries, therefore leaving the defaults.

What changed with this update?


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