intel dp45sg and Intel Matrix Raid 5 problem

Jose Amengual M pepe at
Fri Dec 12 11:56:47 PST 2008

Hi guys.

I'm not pretty sure is this is the correct list but here we go.

I have a intel dp45sg with RAID 5 on 4 hard drives of 160 gb each and  
FreeBSD 7.0-p5.

It was working fine until two hours ago, the last message on the  
console after the server got frozen was "ad8 Detached" or something  
like that and "ar0 in Degraded mode".

So, the server was not responding so I reboot it then I enter to the  
Intel Matrix console menu ( ctrl + I ) and the Raid was degraded, so I  
identify the disk I turn off the server then connect the new hard  
drive and then boot up again, after that in the Intel MAtrix console  
ask me that the new hard drive was not in the RAID so I I want to add  
to it, I sat "Yes" and then in the status tab appear "Rebuild". Before  
rebooting again I took a look to the documentation of intel matrix and  
they say that after the boot of the operating system, the rebuild  
process will start, So I reboot it again and I saw the "FreeBSD F1"  
menu and then I got "No boot loader". no /boot/loader

After that I boot from the cd and I realize that the partition and the  
Slices are there, but the serve does not boot.

I found a link about "Vital intel ICH7 patches for freebsd 6 and 7",  
but how can I apply the patches is I can boot ?

Can some one help me please!!!!

Thanks a lot.

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