NFS and /etc/exports

Nawfal bin Mohmad Rouyan nawfal at
Mon Apr 14 11:28:08 UTC 2008

Hi Everyone,

I have an issue with NFS /etc/exports file. The entry in my exports file
is as below:

/usr -alldirs -maproot=0:0 zerg hulk protoss terran

I can't mount the directory from the first host listed which according
to above entry is 'zerg'. Any other hosts after the first host can mount
the directory. I get "Permission Denied" everytime I try to mount the

zerg# mount /usr/src
[tcp] build:/usr/src: Permission denied

If I move 'zerg' to become the last host in the list, I can mount the
directory on 'zerg' but then 'hulk' would not be able to mount the

I'm using TCP and the entry in /etc/fstab on all clients is as below:

build:/usr/ports        /usr/ports      nfs
tcp,intr,nfsv3,-w=32768,-r=32768,rw,noauto      0       0
build:/usr/src          /usr/src        nfs
tcp,intr,nfsv3,-w=32768,-r=32768,rw,noauto      0       0
build:/usr/obj          /usr/obj        nfs
tcp,intr,nfsv3,-w=32768,-r=32768,rw,noauto      0       0

All the machines have the options below in /etc/rc.conf file:

nfs_server_flags="-t -n 6"

and all machines are FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE #0: Fri Apr 11 13:18:25 MYT 2008

OK just tested again, this only happens right after freshly booting
'build'. If I do 

kill -s HUP `cat /var/run/`

to reread the /etc/exports fileon 'build', then I have no problem
mounting the shared directory from the first host in the list. Is this a
bug or is the entry in the /etc/exports file is wrong?


Nawfal bin Mohmad Rouyan <nawfal at>

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