sched_ule performance on single CPU

Pete French petefrench at
Fri Apr 11 11:08:38 UTC 2008

> I have noted early April that RELENG_7 is upgraded to
> sched_ule by default and gave it a try with sched_ule
> until today. My desktop is a 3GHz single Intel Pentium
> 4 processor with 512MB RAM. I have noted by desktop
> response wise sched_4bsd is better, ie. the desktop is
> more responsive.

Very curious - when I first installed 7.0 the desktop
performance was horrible and people told me to switch from
BSd to ULE shceduler. Which I did and it was much better,
and I have used ULE on all machines even since. I amm
surprised that you find it worse - what are the symptoms
here ?


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