Question about file system checks

Momchil Ivanov slogster at
Sun Apr 6 17:52:25 UTC 2008

On Friday 28 March 2008 16:26:16 Ivan Voras wrote:
> All were tested within the same time: 50 seconds. Details: the machine
> being tested was connected to a "reporter" machine via plain crossover
> cable, the reporter had a TCP server and the tested machine had a TCP
> client that run a tight loop of IO operations, single threaded, randomly
> choosing between creating files and directories, appending to them and
> changing (a random amount of data in a random position) them, then
> sending to the server a description (log) of each IO operation after it
> has been done. These were several Python scripts I wrote.

I think that if you did different set of operations in the different test 
cases, you cannot compare the results. I think first you have to generate 
your random set of operations and then perform all test cases with it. After 
performing tests with several random sets of operations, you can draw some 

Just my point of view.

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