AW: g_vfs_done():da3s1a[READ(offset=81064794762854400, length=8192)]error = 5

d_elbracht d_elbracht at
Mon Oct 15 01:21:06 PDT 2007

> > we are trying to diagnose errors seen on 6.2, SMP, amd64, 
> cvsup'ed of
> > 2007-10-09
> > 
> > Mainboard is a Tyan Thunder h2000M (S3992-E) with 16 GB RAM and 2 x 
> > Opteron 2216, da3 is on a 3ware 9550-12
> > 
> > we are seeing this error:
> > g_vfs_done():da3s1a[READ(offset=81064794762854400, 
> length=8192)]error 
> > = 5 on a 12 GB Hyperdrive
> > 
> > the offset changes sometimes, but it is always 
> 81064794xxxxxxxxx and 
> > well out the 12GB range.
> Yes.
> > According to systat -vm, da3 does tps > 500 (yes, that's a lot)
> That's not a lot :) That's actually low for a modern solid 
> state drive.
> > This leads to an assumption, the error has to do with very high IOs 
> > per second on a SMP machine.
> Either that or file system errors. Does fsck run ok or does 
> it say anything unusual?
> There are several theoretical reasons for such errors that 
> are connected with the fact you use solid state drives, but 
> all are tricky to diagnose if you don't have a certain 
> repeatable test you can try. For example:
> some SSDs optimize writes to "spread out" the IO on the 
> chips, but some do it by looking into file system structures 
> to determine where it's safe to relocate the write - 
> obviously this works only with a known and supported file 
> system. This is a really wild guess, but maybe the SSD 
> firmware has error somewhere in this area, trying to 
> interpret UFS as it was FAT? If you manage to get a 
> repeatable failure test, you can try formatting the drive as 
> FAT32 and trying it on that.
> Or maybe it's just a bad drive...
> > The system-disk is a RAID1 on an ICP 5805. All other disks 
> (51) are 20 
> > gstripe'd partitions.
> 51 drives and 20 partitions?
According to the manufaturer, the drive handles any filesystem. In other
words, it's as transparent as any harddisk would be.
Also, as written before, we have seen the error=5 with weird offsets on an
md (memory disk) before too.
fsck on the disk does NOT show any error.

yes, 20 partitions on the other 51 disks (/dev/stripe/data ..datann). That's
for hashfeed from diablo.

One basic question to ask: where does the value for offset= in g_vfs_done()
come from ? 
>From the time the error shows up in syslog I believe, the error only
happens, when a file get's appended.


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