usb stick problem

Alson van der Meulen alson+ml at
Sun Oct 14 11:05:17 PDT 2007

* Zoran Kolic <zkolic at> [2007-10-14 08:48]:
> I encountered something minor to usual problems,
> people have on this list, but it makes me nervous.
> I bought brand new usb flash stick and used it to
> solve the issue on handheld. After putting files
> on it, I have them in format 8.3. The option to
> mount -t was msdosfs. It should bring me long file
> names, but it does not. Mu stupid question would
> be: did I chose wrong file system? Or is this usb
> drive preformatted in something strange like fat16?

This sounds like the documented behavior if the drive was empty or had
no long filenames when you mounted it. From mount_msdosfs(8):
"If neither -s nor -l are given, mount_msdosfs searches the root
directory of the file system to be mounted for any existing
Win'95 long filenames.  If no such entries are found, but short
DOS filenames are found, -s is the default.  Otherwise -l is

-o longnames should do the trick.


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