Quation about HZ kernel option

Artem Kuchin matrix at itlegion.ru
Thu Oct 4 12:18:32 PDT 2007

>    effect.  I would not go under 100, though.  I personally believe
>    that a default of 1000 is ridiculously high, especially on a SMP
> system. 

Nuts! Everybody has his own opinion on this matter.
Any idea how to actually build syntetic but close to real 
benchmark for  this?

For example:
Usual web server does:
1) forks
2) reads a bunch of small files from disk for some time
3) forks some cgi scripts
4) dies

If i write a test in C doing somthing like this and run
very many of then is parallel for, say, 1 hour and then
count how many interation have been done with HZ=100 and
with HZ=1000 will it be a good test for this?


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