Panic with RELENG_6_2 on DELL PE 4600 with PAE

Artem Kuchin matrix at
Thu Oct 4 07:08:24 PDT 2007

Claus Guttesen wrote:
>>>> Why would there be no space when I have 24GB of memory?
>>> 1. Any process, including the kernel can only allocate up to 4 GB of
>>> memory on a 32-bit system (since a 32-bit integer can only hold that
>>> many values)
>>> 2. The kernel is further constrained so the user programs can get
>>> enough memory
>>> 3. Kernel structures for tracking and using memory are also stored
>>> in kernel memory. 24 GB of memory with PAE probably "eats up" a lot
>>> of those. I think you'll need to increase kmem_size (see
>>> for an example - ignore
>>> ZFS-specific things).
>> It made no difference. Still the same error.
>> Is anyone actually using PAE with FreeBSD 6.2? I have found
>> practically no information using
>> google.

We are using it on very heavy loaded production web server. 8GB of ram,
dual xeon with HT. FreebSD 6-STABLE. about 900 process running
constantly in  about 20 jails. No problems detected :)

Planning to migrate to 7-CURRENT AMD64 within a month.


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