File system is Full

Miguel Lopes Santos Ramos miguel at
Wed Oct 3 16:51:00 PDT 2007

Subject: Re: File system is Full

> Thanks for you all.
> /tmp & /home are separate slices.  However, I noticed that mounting msdosfs
> on another HD are sucking much of my FBSD HD.  So I commented those on fstab
> to free space .  It seems that this situation was also connected with the
> upgrade of OOo port which sucks much of HD.  I would try growfs to add 10G
> to my file system.
> Thx again
> Khaled Moussa

Perhaps you could give us the output of the df command to see if there's
anything unusual.

Anyway, check if you have accounting_enable="YES" on /etc/rc.conf, and whether
it might actually be /var which is full.

Recently something very strange happened to me: accounting_enable="YES" somehow
got into my /etc/rc.conf file and it ended up filling my /var filesystem which
happens to be a condition just as serious as filling up /.

Although this happened to me already two weeks ago, I take the occasion to ask
the list:
- Does anyone know of any reason, such as a port installation or a make
installworld, that justifies that accounting_enable="YES" misteriously appeared
on my /etc/rc.conf ? I know I didn't do it...

I hate to admit I let it happen... and I have been blaming myself for having
forgotten to disable password authentication on ssh to this machine... but maybe
something else is to blame.

Miguel Ramos,

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