sparc64 kernel build error

Julian Stacey jhs at
Mon Oct 1 09:00:40 PDT 2007

> Hello Beasties.
> I have attached the error text and my kernel config. The build seems to
> die while building ipfilter but I'm guessing that's not the real
> reason for it failing.
> Thanks for any suggestions.

Most times I change the path of /usr/src (a sym link) or /usr/obj
also a sym link, it seem to blow in ipfilter (but not in sys for me).
Rather than waste human time analysing I spend free CPU cycles:
	rm -rf /usr/obj/* 
	cd /usr/src
	make obj depend all

As your prob/ is in sys/ you might want to be more analytic & spend
more human time & less CPU cycles & do a make depend just in there.
Your choice.

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