installworld breaks

John E Hein jhein at
Fri May 25 17:13:14 UTC 2007

Ruslan Ermilov wrote at 14:55 +0400 on May 25, 2007:

Someone should update that doc for the much simpler and probably more
common case of someone touching (e.g., cvsup) after doing a
buildworld and then trying an installworld without a new buildworld.

Exotic things like clock drift and such can be a cause of it, but the
FAQ answer doesn't what's really explain the root problem - namely
that installworld is trying to do something that it shouldn't be doing
(running something that requires touch) because something is "out of
date" that should not be (osreldate.h in the OP's example).

Maybe a docs person can word that better than I can and fix up that
classic FAQ entry.

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