mysql frequently crash on 6.2

Michael Schuh michael.schuh at
Fri May 18 00:22:03 UTC 2007

Hello Albert,
Hello @list,

first, i be a native german speaker, so please excuse my ugly english.

Greetings everyone... I am observing what appears to be a similar problem as
> well...
> I have a dedicated server with *very* light traffic. It looks like every
> day
> or so my server load slowly climbs from 0.20 to 14.00 and then stays there
> indefinitely.... locking down the system [until I do an "apachectl
> restart"]
> after which the server load drops back down.
> I'm not getting any weird Fatal Errors from PHP or any Warnings [though a
> lot of PHP Notices.]. The apache httpd_error.log shows the following
> error,
> usually, when the slow climb to 14.00 server load begins:
> httpd in free(): error: recursive call
> httpd in free(): error: recursive call
> [Usually it only shows about three or four of these repeated errors.]
I have experiences with an similar Problem with apache in combination
with php4 and it's modules. If you have the wrong modules / order of modules
the extensions.ini so that apache disappears with segfault ( my be signal 6
or 11 ) if you try an reload.

hope this helps a little bit.


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