mfs and buildworlds on da SunFire x4600

Dominic Marks dom at
Wed May 2 19:35:34 UTC 2007

Mars G. Miro wrote:
> Greetz,
>    I got my hands on a SunFire x4600. This is a dual-core 8-way
> Opteron (dmesg shows 16 CPUs) w/c has 32G RAM. FreeBSD 6.2/amd64 runs
> fine on it despite:
> - 'reboot' doesnt work, machine just hangs in there.
> - front USB ports wont work for a USB keyboard, just use da ports at 
> da back.
>   I've read a lot of threads in da past (and da BSDCan 2006 paper)
> regarding mfs on /usr/src and /usr/obj to speed up buildworlds,
> unfortunately it doesnt seem to improve things. I've tried both a
> malloc and swap based async non-softupdates mfs (and rebooted da box
> every after) but my buildworld speeds seem to be just da same as I do
> it on da MPT SAS disk w/c is just around ~18mins.
When you have 32GB of RAM and 16 CPUs I'm not sure this applies.
Is 18 minutes really too long to wait? :-)
>  Yeah, i know there's da tmpfs project but I was just wondering if I
> may have missed somthing in my mfs adventures.
PS. s/da/the/g (please!)


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