clock too slow - big time offset with ntpdate

Henrik Brix Andersen henrik at
Wed May 2 18:02:55 UTC 2007

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 10:23:09AM -0700, Doug Barton wrote:
[snip /etc/ntp.conf configuration file instructions]
>  Then make sure you have the following in /etc/rc.conf:
>  ntpdate_enable="yes"
>  ntpdate_flags="-sb"
>  ntpd_enable="yes"

Just a side note - according to the ntpdate(8) man page, ntpdate is
deprecated and will eventually be removed from the distribution since
the same functionality is available in ntpd(8).

Thus, all you need to put in /etc/rc.conf is this:


You still need a properly configured /etc/ntp.conf file.

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