install SCSI over ATAPI for DVD

Wed May 2 15:11:00 UTC 2007

now i have both "acd0" and "cd0"  is that a problem?

bsd@/root# ls /dev
acd0            cuad0.init      kmem            psm0            ttyv5
acpi            cuad0.lock      log             ptyp0           ttyv6
ad0             devctl          lpt0            ptyp1           ttyv7
ad0s1           devstat         lpt0.ctl        ptyp2           ttyv8
ad0s1a          dsp0.0          mdctl           random          ttyv9
ad0s1b          dsp0.1          mem             sndstat         ttyva
ad0s1c          dspW0.0         mixer0          stderr          ttyvb
ad0s1d          dspW0.1         net             stdin           ttyvc
ad0s2           dspr0.1         net1            stdout          ttyvd
agpgart         fd              net2            sysmouse        ttyve
apm             fido            net3            ttyd0           ttyvf
ata             fw0             net4            ttyd0.init      ums0
atkbd0          fw0.0           network         ttyd0.lock      urandom
audio0.0        fwmem0          nfs4            ttyp0           usb
audio0.1        fwmem0.0        nfslock         ttyp1           usb0
bpsm0           geom.ctl        null            ttyp2           usb1
cd0             io              pass0           ttyv0           usb2
console         kbd0            pccard0.cis     ttyv1           usb3
consolectl      kbd1            pccard1.cis     ttyv2           xpt0
ctty            kbdmux0         pci             ttyv3           zero
cuad0           klog            ppi0            ttyv4

On Wed, 2 May 2007, Gary Palmer wrote:

> On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 08:41:40PM -0700, KAYVEN RIESE wrote:
>> i was told by a guy on experts-exchange
>> gheist:
>> You have to install SCSI over ATAPI driver. GENERIC kernel does not have
>> one. Only burncd in base system can use acd driver for burning CD/DVD,
>> others do use SCSI cd driver
> You forgot to mention what release of FreeBSD you are running, but
> in theory
> kldload atapicam
> from a root command prompt should fix it.  If it does, put the line
> atapicam_load="YES"
> into /boot/loader.conf

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