install SCSI over ATAPI for DVD

Wed May 2 03:41:43 UTC 2007

i was told by a guy on experts-exchange

You have to install SCSI over ATAPI driver. GENERIC kernel does not have 
one. Only burncd in base system can use acd driver for burning CD/DVD, 
others do use SCSI cd driver

Create a file with following content in /usr/src/sys/i386/conf:

include GENERIC

ident           KAYVEY
nocpu I486_CPU
nocpu I586_CPU

options SMP
device atapicam
nodevice acd

Then run config NEW_FILE

Go into kernel build directory run
make cleandepend ; make depend ; make && make install

The new kernel will let you use cd0 device.
acd0 is gone for good - update /etc/fstab accordingly.

he didn't explain what the kernel directory is.

i am trying to make my dvd player werk.

i am looking here

and am compfuzed.

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