Reverting to 6.2-RELEASE

Vivek Khera vivek at
Mon Mar 19 16:12:36 UTC 2007

On Mar 19, 2007, at 9:24 AM, LI Xin wrote:

> I always use options INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE for my kernel :-)  Maybe we
> should add it to DEFAULTS some day...

ew yucky....

What I do is keep my kernel configs in subversion.  I have a "common"  
component which applies to all systems under my control, and an  
architecture specific component that applies separately to i386 vs.  
amd64 systems.  In each, I take advantage of the fact that the config  
file can have 'makeoptions' which are basically dumped right into the  
generated Makefile.

So in my common file, KCICOMMON, I have this at the top:

makeoptions KCICOMMONREV="$Revision: 366 $"
makeoptions KCICOMMON="${KCICOMMONREV:C/[^0-9]//g}"

and in the i386 specific file, KCI32, I have this:

ident           "KCI32@${KCI}+${KCICOMMON}"
makeoptions KCIREV="$Revision: 358 $"
makeoptions KCI="${KCIREV:C/[^0-9]//g}"

Since some of my systems are SMP enabled, I have a minor variant  
called "KCI32SMP" also, which is entirely this:

include KCI32
ident           "KCI32SMP@${KCI}+${KCICOMMON}"
options         SMP

now, my kernel identifies itself with uname:

% uname -i
KCI32SMP at 358+366

So I know this is a 32-bit system running SMP with the version 358  
i386 config and the version 366 common config.

and a trivial lookup in subversion tells me exactly what's in it.

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