Reverting to 6.2-RELEASE

LI Xin delphij at
Mon Mar 19 11:36:26 UTC 2007

Pete French wrote:
> I appear to have a machine which will not run RELENG_6_2, though it runs
> the released code quite happily. Is there a CVS tag I can use to revert the
> sources back to the way they were on RELEASE? I want to be able to
> verify that this is and track down what changed! I don't think it should
> ever be the case that something which runs X.Y-RELEASE will not run RELENG_X_Y
> should it ?

I think you will want RELENG_6_2_0_RELEASE.  What happens with
RELENG_6_2, IIRC there was only very limited changes to kernel which
should only affect IPv6...

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