[hylafax-users] notify script on FreeBSD 6.2

Willy Offermans Willy at Offermans.Rompen.nl
Tue Mar 13 16:18:00 UTC 2007

Dear Aidan,

On Tue, Mar 13, 2007 at 09:38:46AM -0400, Aidan Van Dyk wrote:
> * Willy Offermans <Willy at Offermans.Rompen.nl> [070313 09:27]:
> > Dear Aidan,
> > 
> > Sure you can have access to the FreeBSD machine. If I can contribute to
> > the ``development'' of hylaFAX, although in a very passive manner, I'm
> > always willing to do so. If you can send me your IP address and
> > possible username in private, I can make an account for you. However I
> > have to tell you that this is a production machine and although it is
> > only a small network, it is very precious to me and the users. If you
> > need an account, be cautious.
> Of course - I'll be coming from testbed.hylafax.org, and would use the
> following SSH key:
> ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA8+JLWJF/OP9niTz0fQYqg/T5tF/xQMBLlk+QNq3YXKtoiRhBMwLT1NPySqJzii9BpiSo04Kne62Ij7Q09boLBznmjWp9V7k4ocwqm9xBJ2w8KzYa4zRYcL1417iKsQh5AU7+ZZtavTNPhif0jHFetljnK1gkMZvLTYAjwOtyS4dTs4ygT18NlmPd4/v9o7on7RlFvZSQOI1eeN4RGOR1xwCY7CBos7qPk2t+ijbXbbMnsU8+ackfLjcY3eKb3/46yBol+4Yl5o8jPabPc+PQiH+yAl6rlhTPQMhpQgdxR7JpQqbQFnphanlEU6G6A/pFBIAcpvILo+viswk9OzdI3Q== support at ifax.com

I need some time to change the firewall, please be patient. 

> > Indeed I found a possible error in setup.cache
> > 
> > MIMENCODE='base64-encode' I do not have a program called base64-encode,
> > it is called base64 under FreeBSD, I guess. So I will play with the
> > settings for AWK='/usr/local/bin/gawk' or AWK='/usr/bin/nawk' and 
> > MIMENCODE='base64-encode'. How can I trigger that base64 is used
> > instead of bin/b64-encode.awk? Probably I find myself a solution if I
> > look carefully. mimencode is neither installed nor a FreeBSD port. 
> > It could be part of a port, I will look it up. uuencode is
> > properly installed.
> Hmm.. We only check for base64-encode, not base64.  But we can add a
> check for base64 as well.  If you set BASE64ENCODE=/usr/bin/base64 (or
> the correct path) in setup.cache, then the mime encode functions in
> common-functions should use it.

I encounter some problems with that:

sun# grep BASE64ENCODE bin/*
bin/common-functions:    # rather than separate $BASE64ENCODE and $QPENCODE
bin/common-functions:       if [ -n "$BASE64ENCODE" ]; then
bin/common-functions:           # $BASE64ENCODE may contain parameters
bin/common-functions:           cmd=`programOfCommand $BASE64ENCODE`
bin/common-functions:               (eval $BASE64ENCODE) < $1
sun# grep BASE64ENCODE etc/*

It looks like I have an old setup.cache file, although I have run
faxsetup. Aha indeed I have to add 
to the etc/setup.cache file. That works!
So probably you have to test for base64 as well!

> Does your uuencode support the -m flag to do base64 mime encoding?
> Basically, in faxsetup, we look for:
> 	1) mimencode
> 	2) base64-encode
> 	3) uuencode -m
> if any of these are found, BASE64ENCODE is set to what was found.  In
> common functions, if BASE64ENCODE is good, we use it, and if it isn't,
> we fall back to the awk based b64-encode.awk, which we hoped would work
> on anything ;-)

Ohoh, setting BASE64ENCODE='/usr/bin/uuencode -m' in etc/setup.cache
did produce a notification e-mail, but the attached pdf file is totally
empty. So this does not work either.

> > Some googling learned met that nawk is a newer awk. "An enhanced
> > version of AWK, with dynamic regular expressions, additional built-ins
> > ..." Most probably you can install it on a linux machine as well,
> > assuming that you have access to a linux machine. It seems __not__ to
> > be a FreeBSD implementation of awk.
> It doesn't seem to be packaged for debian.

Resume, there is some work to do with respect to BASE64ENCODE and nawk,
base64 and uuencode under FreeBSD. mimencode still needs to be tested.
I will contact you as soon as possible dear Aidan.
> -- 
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> iFAX Solutions, Inc.                                http://www.ifax.com/

Met vriendelijke groeten,
With kind regards,
Mit freundlichen Gruessen,
De jrus wah,


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